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Understanding WEB

Let's try to understand how WEB works. Internet is the biggest network in the world. So when you visit a WEB site, you just visit the other computer in this network. WEB site files are kept on this computer and when you want to view it , your internet browser (internet explorer, Firefox, opera…) just reads this file and show you pages.


When you surf on the net you have an IP address that defines your computer. This IP address consists of the numbers like . It is your computer name on the internet and it is unique. You can see your IP address below this page. So when you want to visit the any WEB page, it is an computer which is online like you. But instead of writing its IP address, you type the name of the WEB site. When you type WEB site name, it is checked its IP address and try to read the files and than show you the requested file. We call this Client-Server Architecture. Client is your computer and Server is the computer which WEB site files are kept on and it has a specific name to remember which we call "domain name". For example, is the domain name.


If you have two computer in a house and use an network, create a folder and put one index.HTML file inside it which says "hello". Than share this folder and than look at the network IP address of this computer. Than from other computer open your internet browser and type this IP address, folder name and index.HTML. You will see that it is the same like other WEB site on the internet.


A server is also called "host" . To publish your WEB site you need to buy a WEB host and after you buy, they will give you some user names and passwords to upload files. So you just move your files to other computer and when you type your domain name, you can see your WEB page.