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Understanding HTML

HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language) is a basic language which helps us to develop a WEB site. In the basic mean, HTML is the face of the WEB page that is presented to user. Which ever WEB page you visit, all consists of the HTML codes. Therefore, people use the HTML to present well designed and orderly WEB pages.

What makes HTML is the tag logic. When you want to do something, you should just need to open related tag and after finish your work, you should close it. But there are a few HTML tags you don’t need to close.  I will explain them later. We call HTML tags as elements and they are surrounded by the < and >.  To close current tag we use / in close element </..>. For example, the main tag of the HTML is <HTML>…</HTML>. Everybody prefer the put codes between these tag. The mean of the tags which you don't need to close  is that when you want to format a text you should determine the format border for example if you want to make a word in a sentence you should use like this: "this is a <b>sentence</b>". As you see, by opening and closing tags you determine the border for tag affects. If you don’t close the <b> tags, all the others words coming behind <b> tags would be bold too. But at tags you don't need to close are effective at just one point where you use. For example if you want to put a line to your WEB page, you can use <hr> tag and it only affects at one point.

Using upper case or lower case is not important in HTML. But I suggest you to use lower case tags.  You can use any tags inside the other tags but you should be careful about closing order. For example, if you want to use <i> inside the <b>, at first you should close </i> and than close </b>.

<b> It is a bold and <i> italic </i> sentence</b>

There are some  HTML editors to develop HTML WEB pages like Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver. But these editors are expensive and most people prefer to use notepad to develop HTML pages. I suggest you to use Notepad++. It is more advanced than notepad and it is free. It does not have many features for HTML coding but it provides colorful and well-designed coding.

The most important feature of HTML is it shows what it sees. HTML file extensions are HTML and htm. Open notepad , type "Hello"  and save as HTML file, ( to be able to save notepad files as HTML or htm, type your file name as "filename.HTML" and select "* all files" from file types. Otherwise notepad will save it automatically as text file). Than open it with your browser (internet explorer, firefox, opera..) and you will see the "Hello". Now say yourself "Hello HTML" and let's continue to learn HTML.