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CHMOD Permissions

I want to explain you CHMOD (File Attributes). CHMOD defines who can read, write and execute your files. When you open your files with ftp or file manager, you can see some numbers with it. Or when you connect to your host with ftp click right and select file attributes. You will see some checkbox areas and numbers. Now lets see what these numbers mean.

There are 3 type permission as you see, owner, group and public. Owner means you own this file, group means if you define any group for that file and public means everybody can do whatever you want. First number shows what owner can do, second number shows what group can do and last number shows what everybody can do. As you see there are 3 numbers like 777.

And there are 3 type transaction Read, Write and Execute. Execute equals 1, write equals 2 and read equals 4. To give more than one permission you just need to add them. for example if you just want to give execute permission you just need to put 1. if you want to give write permission you just need to put 2. if you want to give both execute and write, you need to add them 1+2 = 3. so 3 mean this user has execute and write permission. if you just want to give read permission you just need to put 4. if you want to give all permission, 1 for execute, 2 for write and 4 for write equals 7. as you see you just add numbers and then put it for which ind of users you want.

mostly owners has all permission so we put 7. Then for group we want to just give write and read permission, so add 2 and 4 we put 6. and for public users we just want to give read permission. so we put 4. our CHMOD for that file is 764.

If you want our files to be viewed by your visitors you need to give read permission for public users. If you give write write permission any one can modify your files so dont give your visitors write permission. Execute means users can run that file.